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Therapeutic approach

For a while now my services have been undergoing a change, where I bring together more of my schooling as a therapist, with a background in psychiatry, with my experiences in energy reading, healing, channeling and past life regression. 

What defines my way of working, is an integrated approach where I bring together spirituality with a deep understanding of the complex human experience. You might say that in my sessions you find a blend of an intuitive yet grounded approach. When you decide to work with me (depending on what kind of offering), you can expect that we go to the roots of what is requiring attention at that moment. I talk you through what’s occurring in a session, where we strongly work with identifying the underlying emotions and energetic dynamics.


Tailored & process-based guidance

It is my intention to offer you tailored guidance with a focus on lasting transformation. In our sessions together there is no room for quick fixes or shallow solutions. Transforming your experience of yourself- and your life takes time and requires a process-based approach – so that your transformation through our whole range of sessions can truly be integrated in a cycle of growth and deep healing.


Core aspects of therapy

In short, these are some of the core aspects of working with me in one of my therapeutic-based programs:

  • Process-based approach that allows growth- and healing to occur at a natural pace.

  • Integration of a spiritual- and therapeutic approach where we use tools like conversational therapy, mindfulness, visualization, meditation, energy reading- and healing, past life regression, embodiment practices and inner child work.

  • A focus on working through conscious- and unconscious traumatic experiences. Trauma often is a recurring theme in my sessions, as there can be many traumatic experiences in our lives that we tend to look away from, which is why it often remains unresolved if not addressed.

  • Strengthening the connection with your own Higher Consciousness, which is clearly part of the spiritual approach I have. You can read more about this in my long-term program ‘’Labyrinth’’, which is all about integrating your own Higher Consciousness.

Image by Ashley Batz

Impact- and results

While process-based, you may expect our sessions to contribute to, or result in the following:

  • Feeling more balanced, at ease and calm due to having learnt how to navigate the energy in- and around you in an intuitive yet grounded way.

  • Taking your place in the world, due to having learnt to integrate what has held you back before to live an embodied life where you feel present.

  • Feeling steady, stable and grounded, due to having learnt how to observe and guide yourself in what is happening in you and around you.