''Beloved Children of the life giving Sun, we welcome you into our loving embrace!’’

Welcome message from Lemurian group consciousness Sha’mu-Ta’mu.

‘healing chamber’: a precious gift of the universe for all of us. 

a ‘chamber’ of light in another dimension in which 

a soul is invited to release, refresh and recharge.

The Healing Chamber membership provides you with 

an intimate space to deepen your ascension process.


I am inviting you to find a higher understanding of your transformative path through life and especially: your personal ascension process. 

You might feel overwhelmed with all the transformative shifts and changes that you are going through. You feel like you need a context in which you can place your own ascension experience, including the many ascension symptoms.​

You long for guidance that travels with you through the deeper layers of your consciousness. You want to go beyond the surface. You are ready to dive deep. 

You need a context in which you can place your own ascension experience.​

The Healing Chamber membership might be just the place for you to explore this further.



∞ A written introduction on ‘’healing chambers’’ and what they are.

∞ Monthly ascension guidance from the Lemurian group consciousness Sha’mu-Ta’mu.

∞ Monthly collective energy report for the month we're in.

∞ A channeled message on every month's Full Moon + New Moon.

∞ Light language throughout the whole month.

∞ Card pullings, exclusive channeled messages, channeled paintings and everything that intuitively comes up.


∞ Each new member receives a channeled personal message.

∞ A 10% discount on a Mentorship (coming soon to the website)



€ 37 billed monthly. 


€ 111 billed quarterly.



After you have subscribed to The Healing Chamber, you can follow the private Instagram account @_thehealingchamber. I will then accept your follow request.

You can subscribe for a monthly membership or commit to 3 months. The membership starts every month from the 1st to the 30th/31th. 

You can unsubscribe anytime. No refunds can be provided to you when you have already paid for a current month or when you have committed to 3 months. If you have paid for the month January and ask me to stop your subscription, your subscription ends on January 31st.

For both monthly/quarterly it is necessary that you let me know if you want to stop your subscription. Thank you for your understanding. 


Every 28th of the month, you will receive a payment request on Whatsapp for your monthly subscription. For the quarterly subscription, this will be every 3 months on the 28th. If you live in The Netherlands, you will receive a payment request of my bank. If you live in another country, you will receive a PayPallink.

This is also why I ask for your mobile number in the subscription form below. Your mobile number will only be used for the payment and for nothing else. You are welcome to read my privacy policy.


There is a sliding scale option available. You can contact me for the possibilities. This option is available for those who feel a heartfelt yes, but are not able to pay the monthly or quarterly fee. Please do choose for the monthly or quarterly fee if you are able to pay for it. I trust in your integrity and honesty.



Connect with me (Maron) to ask all of your questions or anything else regarding The Healing Chamber membership.



You can find the private Instagram account as: @_thehealingchamber. I will then accept your follow request. Everything regarding the membership

will be posted in this private account.

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