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Private Sessions

Guidance Session | 75 min. €125

During a guidance session we connect with the core of what asks immediate attention. We move through the illusions and stories of the mind. We look through the veil to see what can help you change your perspective and see something from a different side. You can see it as a landscape unfolding before your eyes and while once your life path was shrouded in mist, you can now see the way forward clearly again. As a therapist I mirror you where necessary and I support you in breaking through the conditioning and beliefs in your system. It can feel as if you are stuck and that something in you cannot flow freely. During this session we remove the tree trunks from the river, so that you can again let yourself be carried away by the flow of the water.

Focuses on: Guidance and support with a therapeutic/coaching approach.

Recording available on request.

Channeled Reading | 90 min. €225

In a Channeled Reading we work with the observation of subtle energy. We will take a look at the information that your soul holds. I do this by seeing through the different layers of energy. The way I read energy is subtle, nuanced and thorough. While reading for you and channeling messages and information I usually close my eyes while explaining to you what I'm seeing, hearing and feeling. During a reading we give space to what has been unseen and in the dark. We bring this back into your consciousness. You are guided to receive what wants to be revealed to you. As a result you might experience an inner shift. What once was hidden and in the dark can now be reconnected to the light.

It is important to know that you are at all times responsible for your own healing and what you take from a reading with me. I can open the door for you, but you have to walk through the door opening. My Channeled Readings are unique in the amount of detailed, ancient, deep and soulful information that it can provide to you. You can read my testimonials here.

Focuses on: Receive insight and clarity. Remember the nature of who you are as a soul.

Recording available on request.

Channeled Reading + Healing | 120 min. €300

In this combined session there is a focus on transformation and renewal. This session supports you as a whole, so that you come out of the session changed and refreshed. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

We start with a thorough reading of your energy and soul. After that we will naturally flow into the healing. Receiving healing from me (or not really from me… but from Source) is different from, for example, a reiki healing. With my roots as a trance channel, offering healing is interconnected with receiving intuitive information. From there I guide you through the healing, which is often experienced as a journey where you move through the deeper layers of your subconscious fields. When receiving the healing, there will be support for your entire energetic system and its connection to the physical body. A valuable aspect of these healings is that we strongly work with body awareness on an energetic level. With the reading and healing combined, you can begin to feel more balanced and anchored in your own energy. Resulting in a fuller embodiment of your energetic system.

Focuses on: Transformation and renewal. Moving stagnant energy and supporting your life force.

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

Recording available on request.

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How to choose the right session for you

Do you struggle to decide which session would be the right fit for you? In general I would say to choose the session that you immediately feel a spark for when reading the information above. Other than that, this might help:

  • Based on your personal process. You need a listening ear and practical guidance with a holistic approach. You feel stuck and would like to move forward again. Guidance Session is recommended.

  • Meeting your soul deeper. You would like to receive information on a soullevel, next to insight, clarity and direction. Channeled Reading is recommended.

  • Deep immersion in both the soul and the energetic system. You would like to receive both information about your soul and receive nourishing support for your life force and total energetic system. Channeled Reading + Healing is recommended.

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What I often look at in

both a reading and healing

  • Layers of your energy field.

  • Your grounding.

  • The chakra system, including the smaller chakras and the higher chakras that are developing outside of the physical body.

  • Trauma- and shock energy in your system.

  • The energy around you from the outside world.

  • Energy of the bones, muscles, organs, brains and blood.

  • Energy of the eyes, hearing, taste, touch and smell (the senses).

  • How energy moves through your spine.

  • Childhood, family system and ancestors.

  • Spirit guides, angelic guides and planetary guides around you.

  • Possible entities around you.

  • The energy of past incarnations.

  • Energy cords.

  • Life force energy.

  • Your multidimensionality.

  • Memories of Atlantis, Lemuria, Avalon.

  • Planetary incarnations that are worth mentioning.

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