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Unshakeable faith

Collective Energy Report of October 13th, 2022

Liberation of suffering At this time you might notice a variety of shifts in yourself and how you experience your life. The Full Moon of earlier this week brought to our attention where our right to exist is still clouded by the unrevealed conditioning of our family system and ancestors. The Full Moon could have easily brought to the surface your longing for liberation of suffering – generations of suffering. It could be that at the time of the Full Moon you were guided to release any belief you still have in your own unworthiness. These are big words, but mostly big energies that will continue to ask for your attention in the Eclipse season that is about to begin. For now, let’s move forward to what currently is going on in the energy and the ascension symptoms that you might be experiencing. The connection to our inner world The solar plexus is being deeply cleared and currently brings forward themes of power- and powerlessness. In my vision I see the solar plexus, sacral chakra and root chakra being covered in what looks like a pearlescent bubble or vacuum. From ascended master Saint Germain I hear: ‘’The lower chakras are going through a phase of regeneration and renewal’’. This touches to another aspect in the current collective energy at this time, which is connecting to our inner world (= the sacral, the womb – your own personal universe). Our connection to our inner world has long been ignored and distorted by outside influences. What is being reestablished collectively is the trust we have in our intuition and the language of the universe. However, as this is such a major transformation, there is no stone left unturned. Meaning that we are now mostly being shown where our intuition and trust in a higher consciousness is still distorted and full of delusions. All is brought to light first, so that we can remember the essence of our intuition and trust in higher consciousness (= you are higher consciousness. It is not outside yourself. Spirit guides and other light beings are a reflection of layers of consciousness within yourself). Finding our way back to the womb All together, we are being guided to go deeper into our own inner world. I’m being shown the inner world as the womb (for people without a womb, it’s an energetical womb) and I see the womb as both the universe and a library (= makes me think of the Akashic records). In many ways we are finding our way back to our womb. We are beginning to understand that our womb is a library. It’s where our intuition is most alive and accessible for the answers we might need. After all, the womb is where life is created. Unshakeable faith When I sat down to channel the collective energy, I received visions of floating in amniotic fluid (Dutch: vruchtwater) and I saw Lemurian feminine energies gather around me like midwives. I heard: ‘’Dearly beloved, we are tending to your every need. We cherish your lively soul and tired body. We are at your bedside and with you in every waking moment. We understand the troubles that might wear you down and how you can feel filled with fears. We are reaching out to you with clear intent. With open arms we welcome you into deep trust. However fearful you might feel at times, we encourage you to create space in your heart for unshakable faith in your ongoing journey on earth’’. Your light is needed, and it is needed now ‘’We encourage you to create space in your heart for the unimaginable wonders of life. May you be positively surprised by what more this wonderful life of yours has in store for you. May you be in awe of all the ways that you can serve life on earth. Your light is needed, and it is needed now. Come on forward and open your hands, to both give and receive in love and kindness. Child of ours, you are well taken care of. Now go play your part in the world, as your light must not grow dim at this time, but be bright and glowing’’. Pulling drama and doom scenarios out of our hats It can be that you currently experience how your mind easily drifts off in creating all sorts of drama and doom scenarios. Energetically, we are being pushed through the birth canal and experiencing the bumpy ride in the collective energy of this time. The old is crumbling, though the new is not yet here. We might be pulling all sorts of dramas, stories and doom scenarios out of our hats, while resisting surrendering to the empty space that we are in. You are being called to closely observe how you keep feeding your own survival mechanism with stories about your perceived suffering. When you observe where you are keeping yourself in pain, you can (with softness…) break through the barriers within yourself. Your experience is valid That being said, I must emphasize that the whole experience you are having is always valid. All of what you experience can be embraced and nothing has to be excluded. However, you do have a choice in the stories, dramas and scenarios you create around your experience, that keep your survival mechanism activated. You can choose to break with constantly being in a state of survival and rewire how you are conditioned. That does not take away that the entirety of your experience is valid. It’s nuanced. You are simply presented the possibility to break out of any stories you have created around it. Out of your head, into your body Lastly, I would say to go out of your head and to go down into your body. Practice surrender and notice where you can feel this in your body. There is nothing to do and nowhere to be. There is only the present moment. Wishing you trust and love,


Photo: Gordon Ward Gahan

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