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This is not a time to let your head hang, but to lift your head up towards the sun

Below you can find an excerpt from an earlier group offering.

[...] Ascended master Quan Yin: ‘’This is not a time to let your head hang, but to lift your head up towards the sun’’.

A chameleon changing its colors

A lot has happened in over a week. At the same time, a lot of processing and integration has been happening for many of us and this mostly has occured around the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra, from what I’ve been seeing. Our energy fields have also been undergoing certain changes, for which I receive an image of a chameleon that is changing its colors. What is happening in our energy fields feels like ‘’scanning’’ where we still feel aligned, balanced and relaxed. It is as if we are reaching deeper inward to connect with the balance and calmness that our outer world might be lacking right now.

The rise of fear

The rise of fear that can be felt within the collective energy, can be overwhelming. That applies to both the horrific events that are taking place in our world, as also the way we see the collective energy affecting our personal lives. From a lot of people I’m hearing that they are currently going through heartbreaking circumstances and triggering challenges. Lately, I’ve heard from very few people that they have been feeling happy and calm. It plays out differently in all of our lives, but many of you might currently feel challenged in ways that you haven’t felt in a long time.

Your life as a derailed train

I too have been dealing with a challenging event in my life that came unexpectedly to me. Right now I’m okay, but I’ve noticed for myself – and you might have noticed it for yourself – that I really lost my mind over it. It can feel as complete chaos that suddenly is there and requires you full attention. I receive an image of a derailed train and that is how it might feel to you: as if you feel like your life is suddenly derailed and out of control. There is a lot of fear in the air about not being able to control the experiences that we’re having in our lives. When challenges in our lives occur, we often find our way through it by taking control of the situation. When we notice that us taking control is not actually making any difference for the situation at hand, that stress and fear might be growing. A message that comes through from Archangel Uriel is as follows: ‘’Find comfort in not being in control’’.

Find comfort in not being in control

You might think that that is more easily said than done – which is true if you’d ask me – but this provides us with a learning opportunity. There is a lot of talk in the spiritual- and wellness industry about yin energy, feminine energy and what it is to practice surrender, but next to the talk about it, how does this look like in our daily lives? ‘’Surrender’’ has become such a hyped word in the spiritual vocabulaire in my opinion, that it can be refreshing to look at how surrender is being practiced by us in our day to day lives. It can be much easier to practice surrender when we are lying down in Savasana on our yoga mat, than when we’re dealing with real life circumstances where we might feel out of control. In addition to practicing surrender, it then might be more about finding comfort in not being in control. This is something that I feel is present for many right now: feeling out of control in dealing with what is present in our lives.

Ask your Higher Self how you can clear your energy right now

From ascended master Saint Germain I am receiving that we are guided to create more awareness around how we’re picking up on the collective energy and experience it through our bodies. Often we aren’t fully aware of how much collective energy we are unconsciously picking up on. Although I think that there is value in feeling collective energy, I would say: take some more time during the day to clear your energy. You can channel your Higher Self to receive guidance about how you can best do this right now. That can be as simple as journaling about what you’ve been feeling and experiencing during the day and then connecting the dots: is what you are experiencing part of your own energy, someone else’s energy, collective energy or is it a combination of these? It does not have to be logical, you can just follow your intuition in this. While you are channeling your Higher Self about how you can currently best clear your energy, you can also see if there are any practices or activities that are coming through. For example: I’ve lately been doing a visualization where I see myself become the ocean. In another one, I visualize that I’m sitting next to a mountain creek and hear the cobbling water flow over the stones in the creek. Around me there is a green landscape as far as the eye reaches and I hear the singing of birds. Being in this nature space immediately helps me to breathe a little deeper and find some energetic relief.

An example of something more practical to cleanse my energy with, is something like taking a cold shower or drinking a tall glass of water and visualizing how I’m clearing my energy.

Gain insight into what’s going on in your energy

Other than that, it can also be helpful to simply observe your energy during the day, as I already described above with the journaling. You can then gain much more clarity about where you're not completely in your own energy. I have an example of this: Two days ago I said to a friend of mine: ‘’There is nothing I can do, I can only breathe and stay alive at this moment’’. Later during the day I read the Dutch news and the headline of one of the articles was: ‘’Nothing can be done, except trying to stay alive’’ (in Dutch it was: ‘’Kunnen niets doen, behalve proberen in leven te blijven’’). This is an example of where I was picking up on collective energy and projecting it onto my life. Although I have challenges in my life right now, I certainly am not ‘’trying to stay alive’’, because that is not the nature of my challenges at all. It is here where the confusion lies energetically and how easy collective energy can be projected onto one’s life – without really being about one’s life. This is why it can be so valuable to look into collective energy (in multiple ways), because we are picking up so much energy that is not ours, but we often claim it as ours. When you gain insight into what's going on in your energy and how much of it is truly your energy, it is as if you are lifting heavy baggage off your shoulders that was never yours to begin with. What follows is a feeling of relief, feeling yourself more and being able to connect with your own center more.

Domino stones falling one by one

In over a week, the following has become clear: the old world is no more. Energetically many of us have already been feeling this in their own personal process for a long time. The crumbling of old structures and systems is currently right in front of us and it is comprehensible that this brings up a lot of collective- and personal fear. I’m not specifically talking about the war in Ukraine, but in all that has been occuring in our lives in a short amount of time. It’s like the domino stones are falling one by one, which can feel like you have nothing to hold onto anymore. If this is not your experience, you might notice it with the people around you or in the collective energy.

Messages from Quan Yin, Jeshua, Mary Magdalene

Although the current intense energy might bring us to our knees, there is a strong message for us to keep shining our light bright. From ascended master Quan Yin: ‘’This is not a time to let your head hang, but to lift your head up towards the sun’’. Your light is needed. Your readiness to step forward as a light bringer is needed. When you bring your focus inwards and look through your mind’s eye to the energy of the collective, you might notice that there is an ‘’heartbreaking’’ energy that can be felt, for ‘’heartbreaking’’ events in our world. That is the war in Ukraine, but just as much the flooding in Australia, or the discrimination of racial and ethnic minorities that are being put in the back of the line as they are fleeing from Ukraine. It might also be present in your own life, that ‘’heartbreaking’’ energy. A message that has been coming through is that what right now is ‘’heartbreaking’’ is also ‘’heartopening’’. I receive an image of a pink-orange energy touching the hearts of people all around the world. This energy is accompanied by the energy of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene. I see Jeshua bring his thumb to the third eye of people all around the world, while I see Mary Magdalene energetically bring her hands to the heart and sacral area of all these people. Mary: ‘’Here, and here (pointing to your heart and belly). Connect with your heart and belly. Feel how your heart has opened its wings to fly. Feel how in your belly resides the presence of Mother Earth. Feel her rumble inside your belly and understand deeply that your safety lies within. Her voice is speaking through you. Follow the spiral shape of your belly, that leads you through the landscape inside you. It’s a landscape that you know so well. It has many sacred places in which you can retreat into your inner being. It’s where you can feel rooted in your own sense of safety. It’s where you can feel that Mother Earth is here for you, carrying you through it all. Let your tears fall on the surface of the earth. Let it water what is dry. Let it heal what is wounded. Let it bring life where death has shown its face. Let it bring life to a New Earth’’.

Remember the light

With Jeshua bringing his thumb to the third eye of people around the world, I’m hearing: ‘’I am here with you, to remind you of the light that shines within you. I ask of you to nurture this light and to witness it as a sacred flame within you. With its vibrant colors and blinding light, this sacred flame is yours to carry forward and outwards. Let this sacred flame within you be a torch that lightens the way through the dark night. Hold that torch steady in your hands and feel the fire burn within you in all its magnificence. Feel the fire burn, see your light shine. It’s all here for you. Remember the light’’. Next to this I’m also hearing the bible phrase: ‘’For dust you are, and to dust you shall return’’. This is coming from Jeshua. From what I’m feeling it’s a reminder that we are ‘’children of the earth’’ (that’s what I’m hearing) and that however horrible the experiences are that we endure on earth, we are guided to keep faith in the light. It feels like a strong message and I’m also again hearing Quan Yin, saying that we are guided to stare into the sun with open eyes. And lastly I’m hearing: ‘’Do not turn away from the light. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on your life. Don’t give up on the earth. Keep faith in the light. Keep faith in the highest healing for all to be here. To be here right now. To wash you like a newborn babe in gentle hands. Welcoming a clean slate. Welcoming the flame of love to ignite in our connected hearts’’.

Image source: Pinterest, artist unknown (please let me know if you know more).

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