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The energy of Samhain

...and a personal ramble of my own experience

A still from the dance performance ''Revelations'', a visual reminder of your family and ancestors

Dear friend, Today on October 31st, we celebrate Samhain. While we are present in the void between two eclipses, we can feel the earth shift beneath our feet. I must say that I personally am feeling very at home in the darkness that I feel in the energy at this time. I have been cocooning all week, with candles lit and my phone turned off. Last week until now I have also been focused on recording all the Eclipse Readings that were booked. I completely forgot to promote it more on Instagram, but I am happy that so many of you have found your way towards it. Eclipse Readings can still be booked for the coming Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on November 8th. Seeing that you know how to find me, gives me hope for the near future, where I feel that I have to make a decision about staying or leaving Instagram. I already have one foot out the door. Descending into a depth within myself Being able to offer sessions, readings and to channel, asks of me to descend into a depth within myself. It asks of me to become silent and to listen. I cannot do this work when I'm constantly being pulled into an overwhelming amount of posts, videos and reels. The fast moving pace of (some) social media and to be on top of it, is feeling less and less aligned for what I have to share with the world. Peaceful and with confidence In this window of time between two eclipses, I have been feeling the energy of the Welsh goddess Ceridwen. In Celtic Welsh mythology, Ceridwen is a powerful underworld goddess, and the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge, inspiration and rebirth. It can be at this time that you feel like you are standing at crossroads and a thick layer of fog is surrounding you (does not have to feel that way). You might move through this peacefully and with confidence, when you can allow yourself to be present in all there is in the moment. When being in the moment, there is no striving, no forcing and no future. There is only now. You are surrounded by familiar faces, You are surrounded by your own blood Ceridwen shows me an image of a golden chalice filled to the edge with water. She says to drink it empty and to then look at the bottom of the chalice. At the bottom of the chalice I'm shown a family tree. Then I hear the voice of ascended master Saint Germain: ''Look deeply to where you have come from. Feel your roots. Reach out to the mothers and fathers that went before you. You are surrounded by familiar faces. You are surrounded by your own blood. Look deeply into their eyes. Let their silenced voices speak through the thinned veil. Let their faces become alive again in your precious memory. Meet your ancestors at the bottom of the well within you''. With today's celebration of Samhain, I encourage you to connect with your ancestors and deceased loved ones in any way that you see fit. There is a message for you there, and you can receive it. You can also ask for guidance from energies that are much around at this time. Such as Morgan le Fay, Saint Germain, Hecate, Kali, Freya, Joan of Arc and Ceridwen. A visual reminder of your family and ancestors Below you can find a video of the dance piece ''Revelations'' of the choreographer Alvin Ailey, performed by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. The first part of it (until 03:28) made me think of family and my ancestors, even way back in time. I hope this performance touches you and reminds you too of your ancestors.

Wishing you trust and love,


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