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Shamutamu: ''Don't give up on hope right now''

Beloved Ones,

Don’t give up on hope right now! The night might seem dark, but a new day is coming. You get to decide how you want to spend that day. In the meantime, rest in the darkness and invite vivid dreams into your subconsciousness. Dreams where hope is alive and where your radiance inspires the Earth herself to grow the most fragrant flowers.

We are sleeping right next to you in spirit, while whispering to you tales of the Bright Sun in Lemuria and how she will shine again. In many ways, this is what is already occurring. When you shift your perspective you will see that you are awake, enjoying the new day that lies ahead of you, while the rays of the sun reach down to your crown. It depends on what you align with, Beloved One. We encourage you to align with hope! Hope for more light to flow through your body, like a river bursting its banks. Hope for a lighter life emerging out of the core of the Earth.


The core of the Earth is where we, Shamutamu, retreat and rest in our crystal caves and grids of golden-orange light. Don’t be surprised to notice that when you delve deep into your own dark womb, you will find an energy that resembles the core of the Earth. That is because you are the Earth and the Earth is you. Together you are in a united connection of Grounded Love. The very nature of who you are is intertwined with the roots of the Earth. The blood of your dark womb is the blood of the Earth. Let your own light warm you, as you retreat and rest in darkness. Dwell in these moments that you spend with yourself in darkness. Care for your dark womb, where a new chapter of your life is forming.


We want to explain more about the changes that you are going through on a cellular level. You might notice that it can feel like you are dying a thousand deaths! Almost as if you are reliving every death your soul has experienced, incarnated on Earth and other planets and stars within the universe. First, we want you to know that all is well. Second, we want you to know that you are not late for anything. You are right on time! You might notice that the way you place yourself in your environment is changing. How in many ways, your environment can feel misaligned with your own ever-changing consciousness. We invite you to release the word ‘’misaligned’’ and instead feel the whole experience that you are having. Seen from a neutral point of view, all your experiences matter on this planet of emotions.


You might also notice that your relationship to technology and modern communication is changing. You might begin to notice the power dynamic that is holding you in a grip. You might realize how you have been underestimating your own power and how you express this in your life. We have two questions that we want to ask you to contemplate on:

  • What is needed for you to feel your power?

  • Where do you feel resistance in feeling your power?


When answering these questions, we ask you to envision your Higher Self coming forward from out of the ether in the shape of a Hummingbird. See how the gentle creature flies down until it is hovering right before one of your ears. Listen to the song of the Hummingbird, that is your Higher Self speaking in the language of soul. When you are done listening, visualize how in your throat chakra a green forest unfolds. You can ask your Higher Self to anchor the shape of the Hummingbird within your throat chakra. You can free the Hummingbird into the green forest.


You can then ask us, Shamutamu, to seal the energy within your throat chakra. Let the Hummingbird fly around freely, clearing every corner of your throat of any limitations you feel in embodying your power. So that you can speak with your own powerful voice, breathing the fire that is rising from out of your dark womb.

Hold on tight as you set sail into a new direction and trust the guidance that you are receiving!

Always a pleasure to connect with you,

The Lemurians of Shamutamu

''Don't give up on hope right now''

Image found on Pinterest, please let me know if you know the artist.

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