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Moving from head to heart

Dear friend, Below you can read about the collective energy around November 17th. Please keep in mind that we can all experience collective energy in different ways. Take only what resonates for you and trust your own guidance first. Collective energy of Thursday 17th of November You might feel like you are still recovering from the energy of last week. The energy can feel blurry, messy and heavy. As if we are walking through a desert with no water in sight. Our body is tired from being on our way. You might feel the need to lean into silence more than usual. In silence we can often meet ourselves deeper. Struggling to bring inspiration into form Though we might feel the spark of inspiration move through us, it can be that we struggle to bring it into form. Inside us we might feel a dried up well of our ideas and creations. They seem to evaporate into thin air, once we try to 'think' our way into creation. We turn to thinking, analyzing and logic – but many who are knee-deep in the process of our changing consciousness, will notice that there is a shift in the way information is received and processed. We are guided to not only process information with our head, but to bring it deeper down into the heart and the body. Drop into your body Clinging on to your thinking, analytic mind, might reveal to you any fear of being present in your body. We might repeat a pattern that has helped us survive as a child. It can be that from a young age we had no choice than to think, control and analyze ourselves out of harmful situations for our own protection. That could’ve been in the smallest of ways. Being dominantly present in our head can then serve as a coping strategy that has kept us safe. It is okay to keep using this is as a coping strategy. It might have become a part of who you are. It can still be that sooner or later, you feel like you are releasing more of how you have been conditioned. You might notice how you are beginning to explore more of how safety feels in your body. You might slowly begin to feel how your heart is engaged in this process, too. Drop into your body – it is safe to be here. Releasing our old ways We are moving from head to heart – in our own way, on our own time. We are releasing our old ways that have served us so well, to make space for new ways that align with our changing consciousness. This process of moving from head to heart is vast and stretches out over a long period of time. Expansion from the inside out In the current energy many of us might notice some sort of expansion happening from the inside out. I would call it an expansion of the light body. This goes together with growing pains and you might feel exhausted. We might feel the need to surrender to silence, to No-Mans-land… and experience a spaciousness and weightlessness here. Time is not running out, my friend. Relax. If anything, ascension is a process of embodiment Ascension is no more than an ongoing integration of higher energies and earthly energies. This leads to a change in our own consciousness, which we can experience through certain symptoms. I see ascension as bringing more of your own light down into your body (ascension = descension). If anything, ascension is a process of embodiment. Everyone moves through a different and unique ascension process, with different symptoms that can be experienced. Take only what resonates for you, from the list below. Ascension symptoms Feeling dizzy and disoriented / Brain Fog / Vibrational flu / Lethargic / Exhausted / Nauseous / You might feel cool streams of energy flow down your body / Feeling as if you are walking through mud / Feeling like there is so much you have to do, but you cannot keep up anymore with the pace of the world / Anxious about practical matters like finances or home / Headache / Sore muscles / Tightness in the hips / Tension in the neck and lower back / Stagnating energy and emptiness you feel in your body / Lots of release through the spine, root chakra and earth star chakra / Feeling like nothing is coming out of your hands / Tired of the rat race / Needing a lot of alone time / Feeling like you want to go faster, but energetically you are still focused on releasing and integration / Feeling like you can’t think / Feeling like very little is flowing / Feeling like things are falling apart or collapsing like a house of cards (it’s often just the feeling of it).

Wishing you trust and love,


Photograph by: Suzanne Saroff

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