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Heartcentered transformation

Dear friend,

In this article I want to offer you a glimpse of what I’ve already been receiving for the upcoming Eclipses – the partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio on October 25th, plus the total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Taurus on November 8th.

The presence of the Hadarians

When I aligned myself with the energy of the coming period of time, I first noticed a group of Hadarian light beings coming forward. They come from the star Hadar, one of the three brightest stars in our sky. I often see Hadarians as a formless bundle of pink- and black light. When they came forward for this particular channeling, I heard the words ‘’black light’’ being repeated multiple times. I understand that for many the guidance of planetary light beings can feel somewhat abstract or can even bring up fear or resistance. For example, a fear to lose your grounding if you open your energy towards receiving guidance of not only earth-bound guides or angels, but also guides that are incarnated in totally different dimensions and realms.

Deep heart healing

What’s been coming through since the first time connecting with the Hadarians, is that they have an energetic mastery and skill in understanding the different layers of the heart chakra – more specifically the cosmic heart. There is much in the heart chakra that can be energetically shifted and healed. Not ‘’healed’’ as in that it’s a destination of complete healing, but more to say that the Hadarians can support us in opening our hearts in ways that can feel deeply healing. There is a depth that can be felt in the presence of the Hadarians. In the Eclipse energies, the Hadarians are sitting in the front row to support us in any energetic shifts we are moving through.

Hummingbird – lightness of the heart

For the upcoming Eclipses in connection to the overall collective energy, I’m immediately being drawn towards the heart. Another energy steps in: It’s the ascended master Lady Portia. I hear her talk about ‘’Finding your center in the heart’’, ‘’the heart as an anchor for peace’’ and she shows me an image of a pink hummingbird in the heart. Don’t tell me how, but I see the hummingbird cry tears that look like pink pearls. I interpret the pink hummingbird as the lightness of the heart. I see the crying of the pearls as an energy of release, heart opening and forgiveness.

Releasing emotional weight

For the upcoming Eclipses I feel that there may be a strong focus on ‘’all matters of the heart’’ (how I hear it from ascended master Saint Germain). That does not necessarily mean the actual matters of the heart that you might think of, but more tending to what we carry in our hearts. The upcoming Eclipses can ask you to evaluate if there is any emotional weight you are carrying that you are ready to release.

Transform any heaviness of the heart

It can be that for a while now, you have felt a heaviness in your heart as if a shadow is blocking the light from coming in. Themes such as loneliness, grief, melancholy and lack of a future perspective might have come up for you in the last months- or even years. What many of us are being called to, is to transform any heaviness and let a renewed sense of lightness to be anchored in the heart. All together, we can expect heartcentered transformation to take place at the time of the upcoming Eclipses and the following six months after that.

Black light crystal

Earlier I mentioned the words ‘’black light’’ being repeated when I connected to the Hadarians. I then was somehow guided towards a certain crystal, which are black quartz crystals from Bahia, Brazil, referred to as ‘’black light’’. It’s as if I feel the energy of this crystal like lightning striking the surface of the earth. For a while now I have felt a collective energy field building that connects to unity consciousness on earth, but also the unmasking of different aspects of our world that have become overshadowed and in a way energetically polluted / unclear in energy (think of many different systems and organizations, for example). I have not earlier shared about this, because I expect that not everyone will resonate with it. From what I feel, these black quartz crystals can support the building of this collective field as also the transformation that many of us are going through on our own. Here you can read (in Dutch) more about these crystals (this is not an advertisement/collaboration in any way).

Black quartz crystal (black light) from Bahia, Brazil.

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Wishing you trust and love,


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