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Asking critical questions about channeling

Updated: Oct 13

‘’Channeling’’ or ‘’Channeled messages’’ are words that are thrown around a lot on social media platforms like Instagram. I feel like it has become a trend and I wonder why. Lately I’ve been reflecting on my own channelings. Can I distinguish intuitive messages from channeled messages? Do I even need to be able to distinguish these, or is this an obsolete aspect in the context of third-dimensionality?

What makes it a channeled message? Why do I carry those messages out as ‘’channeled’’? What kind of value is connected to these words for me, my followers and clients? Might my self-proclaimed ability of channeling, somehow be a projection of my own desire to feel special, to feel seen?

Am I reliving all of my Harry Potter marathons as a child? Do I unconsciously want to be ‘’the chosen one”? Is seeing myself as a person that is able to channel higher consciousness, not simply an effort to confirm my self-worth?

On a broader perspective, does this show us in any way the shadows and darkness that are very much active in spiritual communities? Where ego is dressed up in superficial words of love and light, generally known as ''the false light''.

And yet, while you are reading this, you are probably thinking:

''The false light? That's not me''.

How do you know that about yourself? As most of us do not easily create consciousness on our own around shadow work, ego and blind spots.

Does channeling unconsciously represent some sort of divine destination - the Holy Grail - in spiritual communities? Does this lay bare any past-life cords with the lower energies of (the worldwide spread of) Christianity throughout the centuries?

Are there inner child wounds that I’ve not been able to look at so far, that show themselves in the need to share ‘’channeled messages’’? Behind the mask of the channeler, do we find a lost inner child that deeply wants to be chosen?

Does the word ‘’channeled’’ add value to what I want to share with the world?

Are there, in any way, aspects of my ego that have a role to play in this? What would stop me to simply see it as neutral energies flowing through me during coffee time? ‘’messages during coffee’’, would that make the content any less valuable?

Does the concept of ‘’channeling’’ / ‘’channeled messages’’ relate to some kind of unconscious desire to be of supernatural origin, instead of having a normal human experience? Am I not the wolf, but the Homo Deus in sheep’s clothing?

Am I the clear channel or intuitive guide that I claim to be?

It is a decent topic to reflect on. To contemplate on the quality of the channeled or intuitive guidance that is provided to a community, like services that are being shared on social media. As also, the implementation of the services for clients.

Of course, we’re all channeling consciousness in some way or another, because we are consciousness in a temporary form. And definitely everyone can learn to channel!

Integrity and quality assurance as a therapist, guide, coach, channeler or whatever you are calling yourself, can be highly valuable to think about on a regular basis. This starts by being honest and truthful with yourself.

Am I truly the person that I carry out to be? When are my words not channeled messages, but intuitive thoughts I had during coffee?

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