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A Message from a Pleiadian guide

Below you can find an excerpt of an earlier group offering.

[...] I told my guides that I felt exhausted and almost paralyzed. Frozen, unable to move. As if my whole body was in survival mode with alternating moments of surrender versus anxiety. Now it can be that this is purely my own experience and you don’t have to resonate with it at all, but there is something more that my guides told me about it. One of my Pleiadian guides called Karezi, asked me: ‘‘Does it feel like you are holding your breath?’’ and I answered that indeed it felt that way. As if I was keeping my breath stuck in my body. Karezi then responded: ‘‘The whole world is holding their breath right now. That has to do with the explosive tension that can be felt in the energy of the collective. You might say that small fires are breaking out all over the world. It’s a massive purging that you are feeling, which is not all about you. It is the entire world holding their breath, while waiting with tension until another fire will break out. There is a huge wave of fear washing over all beings living on earth. It is on you to look at this from a higher perspective. Where you will be shown that fear is just fear. That fear passes. It’s part of your human experience. That when you center yourself and connect with your soul, you can feel a warm blanket of protection around you. In your daily life you are guided to recognize when you need to pull that warm blanket of protection around you. You are having this experience on earth right now to explore the range of emotions that come with being human. It is in this experience that you learn that your light can not be dimmed. It is in this experience that you witness the power of love. However destructive the current energies on earth might feel to you right now. You can stand tall during these turbulent times by guiding yourself back to love, again and again. When you align yourself with the essence of love — the simplicity of just ‘love’ — all that is not love, falls away. When you feel confused about the fires breaking out all over the world and emotions run strongly through you, let love take over and lead the way. I understand that it might sound so simple, so small — but this is exactly what you are guided to learn more about. I notice that on earth, ‘love’ is not always experienced in the deep and transformative power that it holds. In many ways it is noticed by me and other dear guides of yours, spread all over the universe, that you unconsciously find ways to make love different or smaller than it is. You do that by almost creating a shallow imitation of what you think love is. There is nothing wrong with that. It is another experience in which you are learning about love and its power. You can see it as exploring all extremes that are present on earth. Nothing is what it seems to be and also in love, you might notice that it is often presented to you as ‘love’, but that in energy something can feel off. You can see the imitation and manipulation of an energy that is in essence pure, as something you are seeing through more and more on your earth. You are not buying everything that is being sold to you anymore. You have your own inner guidance to follow in this. When you connect with your own center, you are allowing yourself to connect with your own pure presence. Within your own pure presence that resides in your heart, there are no loud opinions and fires breaking out. Within you, you are holding the key to unlocking the energies and vibrations that you want to connect with. Such as peace, harmony, abundance, ease and of course: love! There is a stream of newly awakened consciousness moving through your entire being, that leads you closer to your own inner guidance that is speaking in the language of your own soul, that only you can understand.’’

Image found on Pinterest, artist unknown (let me know if you know).

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