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Mastery in observing and interpreting subtle energy


In eight sessions you learn how to further refine your intuitive abilities to observe and channel energy. This is for you if you are already working as a professional in the spiritual field and want to deepen your skills and tools. This is also for you if you are completely new to it, but have a strong drive to become accomplished and skilled in the unique intuitive gifts that you possess. The focus of this mentorship is on mastery in observing and interpreting subtle energy.


  • You are a professional in the spiritual field and want to deepen and expand your skills and tools.

  • You are a beginner in healing and channeling and you want to further develop and refine your intuitive abilities.

  • You have a strong desire to master your intuitive and channeling skills.


(depending on what you want to work on)

  • Grounding your healing work. Period.

  • Refining and deepening your healing- and channeling abilities.

  • Remembering your unique intuitive gifts.

  • Developing your own way of healing- and channeling.

  • Exploring the energies in the lightworld that you are connected to.

  • Understanding what kind of nurturing- and self-care you need as a healer.

  • Thorough reading of your 22 chakras and total energetic system.

  • Gaining clarity about how you receive and bring through intuitive information.

  • Learning intuitive exercises and practices that are tailored to your energy.

  • Learning to differentiate the intuitive information that you receive and if you received it clearly.

  • Understanding ethics as a healer, like working with energetic permission.

  • Covering everything from past life regression, to working with the 22 chakra system, receiving guidance from galactic guides, working with multi-layered channeling, healing with solar energy and so on.

  • Learning how to read collective energy, interpret solar- and earth activity.

  • Remembering your ancient roots as a healer in certain civilisations and cultures.


  • 8 Mentorship Sessions of 90 min. 

  • 2 PDFs included. 

  • Life-long access to the recordings of each session.

  • €2.450 total, to be paid by invoice.

  • If aligned with your personal circumstances, a payment plan can be made available to you.

  • Sessions need to take place within 10 months of the year of purchase. 

  • Refunds are not available. If you're in, make sure that you are truly in.

PDF 1 contains a written reading of your energy, qualities, gifts and talents on a soul level. This is written before the first session takes place. You receive the PDF before your first session. The PDF forms the red thread for the first session, in which we will discuss it in detail.

PDF 2 contains an overview of what has taken place in the previous sessions, plus detailed advice, tips and practices for your further intuitive development. All of this is tailored to you specifically. You receive PDF 2 after your 7th session has taken place. In the 8th session we discuss PDF 2 and close the mentorship.


Have you ended the Mentorship but feel like you need for more sessions? Then you can continue your sessions with me for a lower rate.

*Already doing a Mentorship with me? Then the information that you earlier received from me and the personal agreements between us, applies.

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