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Understanding why you
feel the way you feel

In Cosmic Waves, collective energy is the central theme that we will work with. Every month you receive a detailed and refined digital workbook with channeled information about the collective energy of the month ahead. The value of learning about what is going in the collective energy, is that it can help you understand why you feel the way you feel. Next to the digital workbook, you can expect exclusive energy updates that will be posted in the Patreon community. In the digital workbook you will also find information about ascension symptoms and practical tips on how to navigate all that you are energetically going through.

I'm here to offer you
grounded guidance

Also part of Cosmic Waves, is a monthly gathering Live on Zoom where we will speak shortly about the current energy and I will share a healing transmission with you. In this healing transmission you will be guided in a meditation in which we will move energy and bring balance where needed in your energetic system. In this monthly gathering you have the opportunity to come together with me and other members. You also have the possibility to ask me questions about the collective energy. Characteristic for my guidance, is that it is both grounded and connected to the higher energies in the light world. The guidance that I offer is meant to help your enrich your human experience, and not to move away from this.

An intimate sanctuary to receive insight & healing

My wish for you is to experience Cosmic Waves as an intimate sanctuary where you can receive the clarity that you need to understand more of your day-to-day experience of life. I hope that you will feel the soft and loving presence of the light world through the words I share in this unique membership. As a thank you for being a member, you receive a 15% discount on one-on-one sessions that you can use as many times as you want.



Accessible for everyone for no more than 11,11 every month

Patreon community space

To keep Cosmic Waves accessible for everyone, the price is no more than €11,11 per month. Patreon is the platform where you can easily choose your preferred payment method, unsubscribe and follow all communication of Cosmic Waves, so that you don’t miss anything. There is even a Patreon app that you can download on your phone.

Guidelines for the Live on Zoom gatherings

For the monthly gatherings Live on Zoom, it might be important for you to know a few guidelines to keep it a safe space for everyone. Firstly, if you don’t want to show yourself on video or talk, you can keep your microphone muted and video turned off. Secondly, at all times you can leave the Zoom gathering when you feel uncomfortable or when a lot is brought up for you in the healing transmission / meditation.

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This is the one place I return to when the need for cosmic guidance emerges. Being part of this intimate community soothes the soul. Maron offers valuable insights, tools and knowledge to be explored at your own pace. I find the healing moments to be truly transformative.

(This is a testimonial from a previous membership).