Kind words


Kind words from Sophie Jongejan, from The Place

I am grateful your soul decided to come back on earth, despite the bumps on the roads and the polarities this human life put us through. Thank you for sharing your own unique light to help us understand better the energies that surround us.

My reading with you was a turning point in my life.

I felt seen, understood and most of all, I gained so much clarity on the feelings I had lately. You helped me moved old limited beliefs, you helped me moved old stuck energies to finally embrace the light and feel even more and deeply supported by my guiding team. You added pure and precious knowledge from my soul, for which I am, forever grateful.

Your reading is not only pure light, it’s also love.

Your reading is one of the greatest reading I had in my life (and trust me, I’ve travelled the world and been to many healers and guides but none compared to you).

Thank you.

For being.


Honestly Maron, for me you are the best one out there. Your ability to channel is beyond what I can understand. I only did a healing of 30 minutes with you, but after reading the report my mind was blown. I’m still reading the report every once in a while!



I’ve come to Maron for reading- and healing sessions for years now. She is one of the strongest healers I know. I have visited a lot of channels and healers in my life so far, but the sessions with Maron touch a depth in me that I can barely describe in words. I’m a reiki master myself and the sessions with Maron always are a great support for me.



You are the healer for the healers!



Maron I am so grateful for the soft, sweet and strong soul you are. In the session with you yesterday, you were able to pinpoint issues that were beyond belief. I felt broken open. It is almost like you can penetrate through walls, 'cause you're so strong in the way you read/heal. Your session made me feel alive and empowered! Thank you.



Maron is an amazing clear vessel. The reading I did with her was so accurate. Her work is powerful, deep and full of light.



I went to Maron for a planetary blueprint session. Although this kind of ‘’healing’’ was new to me, it was great. Clarified a lot for me.



Maron is zeer afgestemd en kan door middel van haar intuïtieve en invoelende vermogen beeldend weergeven en informatie verstrekken. Zij dringt door diepere lagen heen van jouw bewustzijn en brengt daar healing waar onduidelijkheid is of nog niet naar het licht is gebracht. De laatste afstandhealing was niet onder woorden te brengen zo raak!!! Mijn mond viel open zo waar was het. Absolute aanrader!



I’ve done a reading with Maron and I’m very grateful for the ‘result’. This reading touched me deeply, I’ve cried during reading the report of it. Maron’s report of the reading was easy to understand and comprehend, also for someone who is completely new with readings and energywork. The reading was very special for me and I will certainly come back to Maron in the near future!



Maron heeft mij door middel van healings geholpen in het creëren van helderheid binnen mijn onbewuste processen. Haar begeleiding helpt mij deze beter te begrijpen, zodat ik hier zelf op een diepere laag op kan reflecteren, voelen, dit gevoel te kunnen uiten en beter naar mijzelf te kunnen luisteren. Daarnaast hebben de sessies met Maron mij geholpen dichterbij mijzelf te komen, na een knieoperatie voelde ik mij gedistantieerd van mijn eigen lichaam.



I was so glad to hear that you were available. I had to wait a while to receive the pdf from you, but you communicated clearly that you had a lot of requests for sessions to process. It was worth the wait, lovely Maron. All that you wrote in the pdf resonated with me 100%.