Circle of Light

I’m excited to invite you for Lemurian Water’s first circle of light. During Christmas the call was loud and clear to offer an experience that is aligned with the pivotal times of transformation that many of us are going through right now. 

Deepening of the divine presence within yourself

In the circle of light you will be offered a deepening of the divine presence within yourself. You will be handed channeled insights, information and activations to integrate in your own time and at your own pace. The focus will be on remembering more of your human nature and what you have come here to embody on earth.

Healings, meditations, channeling

Spread over 12 days you will receive recorded healings, meditations, channeled messages & articles through e-mail. There will also be a daily moment to align with the circle of light and every light-bringer that chooses to be a part of this. 

Connect with your bright light

A variety of ascended masters, angels & guides have already showed themselves and expressed their contribution to this circle of light. They will be speaking from their hearts, to ours. Within the time of preparation and aligning myself with the circle, energies such as Serapis Bey, the groupconsciousness Shamutamu, Archangel Uriel & Priestess Neferhetepes have already stepped forward. All together, it is a 12-day journey where you are guided to connect with your own bright light as a soulful being on this earth.


Practical information

Dates: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12th of February

Integration days: 6, 7 & 8.

Daily moment to align with the circle: 21:00 PM in your timezone (recommended).

Energy exchange: €111. For those who cannot pay the full fee, donation-based is an option. This circle is open for everyone, so please feel how welcome you are. Contact me here

Platforms used: E-mail and Soundcloud.

How it works: You receive all written transmissions, healings and meditations through e-mail. Healings and meditations will be recorded on Soundcloud. This circle of light offers a journey through the deeper layers of your own consciousness. It has been a conscious choice to let this circle fully take place on distance, so that you can work on your own with the material. And so that you can trust more in your own ability to guide yourself. It's a commitment to showing up for yourself and making it your own.

Good to know:

  • The daily moment to align with the circle does not have to be 21:00 PM. You can choose a moment during your day that fits you best.

  • You can read and listen all material in stillness and at your own pace.

  • The dates are energetically chosen for this circle.

  • You are part of this circle from out of your own home.

  • On the integration days we will take a break, so that you can integrate all material. During these days you will not receive e-mails.

  • For the written transmissions you are asked to feel into the energy of the words. It's not just words, it an energetic transmission.

  • The frequenties and different energies that we will work with during the circle will work through to you day and night.