Channeled Reading


In a Channeled Reading we work with the observation of subtle energy. For that I use my abilities as a trance channel and bring through intuitive information about your soul. During a reading we give space to what remains unseen and in the dark. We bring this back into your consciousness. You are guided to open your eyes and to see what wants to be revealed to you. As a result you might experience an inner shift. What once was hidden and in the dark can now be reconnected to the light.


In een Channeled Reading werken we met het observeren van subtiele energie. Daarvoor gebruik ik mijn kwaliteiten als trance channel en geef ik intuïtieve informatie door over jouw ziel. Tijdens een reading geven we ruimte aan wat zich ongezien en in het donker bevindt. We brengen het terug in jouw bewustzijn. Je mag je ogen openen en aanschouwen wat zich in jou wil laten zien. Een gevolg kan zijn dat je een innerlijke verschuiving zal gaan ervaren. Dat wat ooit verborgen was en ongezien bleef, kan zich weer met het licht verbinden. 

Channeled Reading (Zoom) - 90 min. €225

Recording available on request.

Channeled Reading (Written PDF) €225

You receive your PDF within 7 days.


What to expect from a Channeled Reading?

In a Channeled Reading we first talk about what it is where you desire clarity and direction in. Then we will take a look at your entire energetic system and the information that your soul holds. I do this by seeing through the different layers of energy. The way I read energy is subtle, nuanced and thorough. While reading your energy and channeling messages and information I usually close my eyes while explaining to you what I'm seeing, hearing and feeling. It is often a lot of information that comes through, so you might want to write down notes for yourself during the reading. 

It is important to know that you are at all times responsible for your own healing and what you take from a reading with me. I can open the door for you, but you have to walk through the dooropening. At all times I encourage you to trust your own intuitive guidance. My Channeled Readings are unique in the amount of detailed, ancient, deep and soulful information that it can provide to you. You can read my testimonials here

What a Channeled Reading can contribute to:

  • Insight and clarity in your own transformation process.

  • A feeling of coming home.

  • A deeper understanding of your sensitive nature.

  • Practical insights in how you can guide yourself on a daily basis.

  • Integration of your own higher consciousness within your body.

  • A stronger connection to your multidimensional self.

  • Remembering the nature of who you are as a soul.

  • A shift in perspective.

  • Receiving your own energy deeper within your body.

  • Clarity on what direction your Higher Self is guiding you towards.

  • Thorough grounding in the frequencies of the new earth.

  • More clear communication with your guides, angels & light beings.

  • Feeling more balanced and anchored into your own energy.

What I often look at in a Channeled Reading:​​

  • Layers of your energy field.

  • Your grounding.

  • The chakra system, including the smaller chakras and the higher chakras that are developing outside of the physical body.

  • Trauma- and shock energy in your system.

  • The energy around you from the outside world.

  • Energy of the bones, muscles, organs, brains and blood.

  • Energy of the eyes, hearing, taste, touch and smell (the senses).

  • How energy moves through your spine.

  • Childhood, family system and ancestors.

  • Spirit guides, angelic guides and planetary guides around you.

  • Possible entities around you.

  • The energy of past incarnations.

  • Energy cords.

  • Life force energy.

  • Your multidimensionality.

  • Memories of Atlantis, Lemuria, Avalon.

  • Planetary incarnations that are worth mentioning.