About me

Welcome. I am Maron and I am an intuitive guide, channeler and writer. Throughout my own life, I've found deep healing in energywork and spiritual guidance. I've been called on this soul mission of soul remembrance and I've been practicing the healing arts from a young age. 

After I finished my studies to become an art therapist, I’ve been focused on using my natural intuitive gifts in service for others and to refine my skills in working with different energies (2016, personal development course with teacher Marieke Dijkstra). I now combine my background as a schooled therapist with providing highly refined offerings in the field of reading, healing and channeling. As a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudiant, claircognizant and clairalient, my guidance is focused on helping you trust your own intuitive abilities and learn how they can always guide you through life.

I mostly see myself as a guide opening doors for others to walk through. 

It is only by remembering who we truly are that we can open ourselves to our unique qualities and soul mission to express on earth.  

My offerings are based on the information I receive from my Guides, Multidimensional Self, Angels, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light. I also work closely with a Lemurian groupconciousness that remains in Telos.

I can help you gain insight, clarity and a new perspective in your unique transformative process. It is important to know that you need to do the work yourself and I can only take you by the hand and walk besides you on your path.

With my offerings to help you on your way, it is my intention to help you in your process of personal expansion and unfolding of your potential.

I am based in The Netherlands and I serve a worldwide clientele. All sessions are possible in Dutch and in English. 

On the side, I love to paint and express my creativity.

Earlier in my life I worked as an art therapist in psychiatric- and geriatric institutions. 


Work process

A journey through the deeper layers of your soul

The process of receiving and transmitting energy can not be put in words easily. I can only speak from my own perspective and experience. Channeling energy asks me to step into my own Highest Light at all times when I'm working with someone. For providing you with high quality guidance that hopefully reveals many of your inner treasures, spending time in silence is essential to me. 

When I let different energies flow through me and eventually speak through me, your subconscious will journey with me through the deeper layers of your soul. You can see this as a journey through the landscapes of all the energies within you. Unprocessed emotions, experiences and traumas can then come to light.

I mostly feel like a seeress, oracle or healer that can guide you to the healing and clarity you need most. I can hold a mirror up for you, in which you can see more of who you really are.

Depending on the offering of your choosing, I will either provide you with a detailed PDF-report of the session or a recording of the session. There is no digital contact involved. A report or recording are send to you by e-mail within no later than 7 working days after the session has taken place. We always plan a date and time for the session to take place at a moment that suits you best.

At the moment, I only give one-on-one private sessions on request. Overtime, I will be releasing a few spots for private sessions once in while. The reason why I mostly provide distance sessions and almost completely stopped with private sessions, is because private sessions ask a lot of my sensitive nature when I'm face-to-face connecting with the energy of another. I feel the need to protect my own energy and therefore private sessions are only possible with me by request. When I'm working on distance with your energy for the offering of your choosing, I tend to feel far less drained afterwards. It is also due to my own ascension process, that I need to be aware of my energetic health. 

To paint a picture: for most sessions the channeling of energy starts hours before the appointment time. It asks my complete dedication to offer you a session that brings you the healing and clarity that you are in need of. After the session, it can take me up to three days of resting to completely feel myself again.

When you have received the PDF-report or recording, you can always e-mail me your questions and I will answer them for you with great pleasure.


We are all just walking each other home. 

- Ram Dass


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