I am a transmuter, an oracle, trance channel and a licensed therapist (Bachelor of Art Therapies, Leiden University of Applied Sciences, 2015), but mostly a flawed human figuring out her own path in life. After experiencing a psychotic episode, my world was turned upside down. However difficult this experience was, something in me broke open. I had suppressed my sensitivity for most of my life and now I couldn’t ignore it any longer. 

Someone with a lot of experience in energy work took me under her wing. She helped me to navigate my extreme sensitivity. I rolled into doing energy work of my own. I started out offering readings and healings in the local yoga studio in the Dutch village that I grew up in. Since then I have guided hundreds of people worldwide and have 8 years of experience in guiding people to navigate their own truth.

My strength lies in revealing to you what is unseen in your subconscious. Characteristic of the way I work with energy is how it is a multilayered experience. You can imagine my channeling as adventurous traveling through layers of energy, realms and dimensions.

If you imagine yourself floating on the surface of an ocean, you can hear me calling you to swim with me to the bottom of the ocean. I have the ability to invite you deeper into the waters (of your soul). There I can bring to the surface the forgotten memories, deeply rooted conditioning and ancestral wounds that keep you from moving forward.

Now floating below the surface of your consciousness, you can witness what you once locked away for yourself to not look at or connect with. You can imagine finding a golden treasure box on the bottom of the ocean. When opening the box, you can witness the gold within yourself. You can feel clarity arise within you. You can receive more of your own energy in your body. You can navigate your inner world with more ease. The way I work, I can guide you to transform cloudy, polluted water into clear water again. Where you can see clearly your own reflection and the golden treasures you carry within.



‘’Over the last two years I had the pleasure to receive multiple channelings and guidance sessions from Maron. Her channelings and wisdom feel like medicine to my earthly self, who at times feels a bit lost going through all these processes on both a personal and collective level. But also for my soul that is becoming more whole again after fragmentation due to trauma throughout incarnations. 

Her channelings were vital in bringing pieces of the puzzle together, releasing stagnant energy and bringing parts of my soul with their wisdom and strength back to me. As a result I feel more and more layers of my multidimensional self are now being revealed to me, soothing my soul's longing: Coming home to her divine self in this earthly incarnation and sharing her light with the world.

We are on a quest navigating through our inner underworld. Maron holds the candle, showing you the way through the darkness with a loving but no-nonsense approach’’.

Nathalie Janssen, Soul of Eve

''I had no idea what to expect and am truly amazed by the outcome. Already the first minutes I couldn‘t hold back my tears because your words just hit like lightning. Thank you for holding this safe and magic space for me. This was a wonderful experience!''

Lisa Carbone

‘’Je hebt me echt de guidance gegeven die ik op dit moment nodig had. Door alles in jouw reading voelde ik me erg gezien & erkend, ik heb heel veel aha-momenten mogen ervaren. 

Je hebt een heel erg aangename stem, een enorm fijne energie om naar te luisteren, en de kwaliteit & diepte waarin je boodschappen ontvangt heeft me van mijn sokken geblazen. Ik ben je dus echt echt zo dankbaar! Dit zal zeker niet de laatste reading zijn die ik bij jou boek’’  :-)

Chloé Vanmarsenille

''Your work is such a gift and I've been listening to the recording multiple times already. It is of a true holistic and energetic component and was received by my whole system. There are so many aspects that bring out my true appreciation and gratitude for the channeling. I'm a singer and am also offering my work as a medium - I'm indeed coming back on stage after a long, conscious break and I'll be wearing a blue dress for the show that will take place in a church. Your channeling gives me the support and trust into my capabilities and the true value of sharing my energy though my passion which is singing''.

Laura Carbone

''Maron is a very talented and kind guide. She combines ancient wisdom with hands-on therapy. It is spiritual but at the same time down to earth, easy to understand and work with. She is not afraid to together dive deep into the knowledge of your soul, and to shine a light on the parts of you that need the most attention - we all need a little tough love at times to finally take action in the areas of our lives that need it the most and will bring us closer to ourselves and the harmonious life we all want. It's very fascinating - and sometimes dreamy - at the same time, to hear about the origin of our soul(s) and - sometimes less dreamy - events that still influence us today (f.e. family lines that need healing). What I love the most is that she listens to you - and your guides, thank you guides - and works with you in a way that will benefit your whole life. It's very important to not get lost in space / spirituality but to remember you are a human being on this earth and we need guidance for this human vessel and complicated life. Maron is the perfect guide and perfect mix between ''heaven'' and earth, who will leave you the breadcrumbs and / or connects the dots that you need in order to grow and keep growing''.

Annelies de Gieter

''Dear Maron,
What a beautiful session we had today! I’m deeply impressed with what happens in every session. The combination of conversation, coaching, therapy, healing, reading arises in the moment and is therefore different every time. It’s so great to hear you share your knowledge and own experiences. It is of very valuable support in my process. In our sessions together there also is a clear practical translation in the here and now. A session is different every time and to me that feels like I’m really being seen and listened to. That it’s tailored to me and that it’s not a standard program. Grateful that you’ve crossed my path!''

Anouk Hamelynck

''Maron is a unique channeler with a big heart and a powerful soul. What she offers is healing on all levels. Her divine messages read in between the lines of the force of life. If your paths have crossed with Maron, my advice for you is to first and foremost come into the field with the awareness and respect for the Divine being she is, and the Divine lightbeings that she holds space for. The rest is allowing yourself to open up your senses, tune into to the field, and allow yourself to be held by what you’ll receive. Open your eye(s), listen carefully, write down if you need. Maron holds space for the whole galaxy to unfold infront of you, for you, with you - if you’re ready to receive it. Maron, you bring in a whole state of being''.

Sehnaz, Vidya Suryakiranah Healing

''Maron is an incredibly selfless and intuitive healer, who makes it a point to make sure you're comfortable every step of the way. Within the safe space Maron creates, you can trust you will absolutely be comfortable enough to ask all the questions you have and receive all the counsel she has to offer you. She even has a way of answering the questions you didn't really know you had yet, or was unsure to ask.

It's hard to describe exactly what it is she offers -- guidance, healing, a way to get back in alignment... it's simultaneously all of those things and something much more transformative. Maron doesn't just open the right doors within you to shed a light on what needs to be illuminated, she also gives you the practical advice you need to actually do something with that guidance.

Crossing universes while keeping her feet firmly on the ground, Maron is someone who can help you when you just start your spiritual journey and if you've been around the block a few times. Even just one session with her can get you back on the path that is meant for you''.

Mayke, Honey Honey Healing

''I had an amazing, eye opening session with Maron several weeks ago. When I had first asked her about her offers and which one would be the best fit for me she already started channeling energies that really resonated for me and we decided on the Venusian Healing Chamber Transmission. I really wasn’t sure to expect. What I received, in my opinion, was a sort of upgrade in embodying my light body. I received a pdf of what happened in the transmission and some of what she picked up were very specific to the healing journey I’ve been on for the past year. It was so specific and really brought a new level of healing for me in what came through. Other things were completely new but definitely resonated. I walked away feeling empowered on how to work and heal my own energy on a deeper level. As a healer myself I am fascinated by Maron and her gifts. I can definitely recommend Maron if you wish to understand your own energy deeper and dive into the well of energetic healing. I do believe each time I read the pdf I still receive a healing. Maron’s gifts are super special and unique. I highly recommend receiving from her if you are the least bit intrigued''.

Jewel Mondros

''I am grateful your soul decided to come back on earth, despite the bumps on the road and the polarities this human life put us through. Thank you for sharing your own unique light to help us understand better the energies that surround us. My reading with you was a turning point in my life. I felt seen, understood and most of all, I gained so much clarity on the feelings I had lately. You helped me move old limited beliefs, you helped me move old stuck energies to finally embrace the light and feel even more and deeply supported by my guiding team. You added pure and precious knowledge from my soul, for which I am, forever grateful.

Your reading is not only pure light, it’s also love. Your reading is one of the greatest reading I had in my life (and trust me, I’ve travelled the world and been to many healers and guides but none compared to you)''.​​ Thank you for being''.​

Sophie Jongejan, The Place

''Maron has her own unique way of communicating and letting channelings and information flow through her. She is indeed one of the purest vessels I have come across. Her personality is warm, kind and loving always making sure you are okay and that your needs are met.

I would definitely recommend working with Maron when you have a specific question or are looking for clarity and insight on a specific subject. Maron will help you connect with you own spirit guides and pass through those pieces of information that you couldn’t quite reach or unpack yourself. Thank you Maron, until next time. With Love, Selina''.

Selina Martin

''Maron is incredibly aligned and is able to intuitively provide certain information. She works through deeper layers of your consciousness and brings healing where this is needed and shines light to what is still in the dark. The latest healing I had with her can't be described in words. My mouth dropped open, so accurate were the insights that she provided to me. I highly recommend her''.

Marieke Dijkstra, Marieke Dijkstra Therapie

''The healing with Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin was next level. What started as a very soft and pure and subtle energy, transformed into an incredible divine presence. As if the clouds broke open and the light and energy of Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin projected a field of light into our system. I felt carried in the hands of infinite love. It was an intensely beautiful experience''.

Susanna, Mystic Moon Magic

''Maron is a sweet and sensitive human being who can really hold space for you. Her channelings touch the deepest parts of me. It is as if my heart breaks open and she is able to witness it. She has the ability to really see me, to really witness me. All of me. I’m so grateful for all the wisdom and information she has offered me. Maron is a real, soft and gifted woman and I highly recommend working with her''.

Eline de Leege

''I booked a private session with Maron without a super clear question. I felt like I could use some guidance and knew Maron from a previous reading/healing. She guided me very well and during the session it became very clear what the theme was. She mirrored me well and took me through a guided meditation that helped me further. She did this in a pleasant, calm and concrete way. Thank you Maron!''

Hanneke van Stigt Thans, Soul Energy

''Maron is an amazing clear vessel. The reading I did with her was so accurate. Her work is powerful, deep and full of light''.