My story

Welcome to my website. I am Maron and I pour my whole heart and soul into my business, Lemurian Waters. Who I am and what I offer is hard to precisely describe. No label or box seems to be fitting. I would say that I am a soft hearted woman who has learned about her strength through many challenges during her life. In those challenges, I learnt about my qualities and gifts that I long thought didn’t have a place in the world we live in.

My own transformational journey

After a long transformational journey that took me most of my life, I learned to cherish what I am here to offer. My extreme sensitivity and psychic abilities have shown me how to observe and understand subtle energy. Within the years of struggling with overstimulation, overwhelm, exhaustedness, hearing voices and seeing ‘too much’, I learnt to guide myself in differentiating the energetics of the experience that I was having.

Intuitively observing energy

With the precision of a surgeon I would intuitively observe what energy was mine, what energy was of someone else and what energy was part of the collective. In a nuanced way I would find my way in understanding more of my own energy – and that the emotions and state of mind that I experienced, were not always mine to begin with.

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The turnaround that followed after my psychosis

At the time when I worked as an art therapist in a closed psychiatric department, I suffered from a psychotic episode. In a way it was ironic, as most of my clients suffered from psychotic disorders or schizophrenia. What followed was a complete turnaround in my life. I was in my early twenties at that time and had a great curiosity in human behavior and psychiatric conditions. This interest was fueled by my own childhood and teenage years, in which I went through the childcare system and saw many different counselors. Back then I felt depressed and alienated from the world around me. I was a child, a teenager, and somehow I felt like an 80-year old woman who was simply observing the world around her, but not taking part in it.

Finally feeling myself

I experienced my psychosis like standing on the edge of a cliff. I thought: this will be the end of me. After an intense dark night of the soul and both conventional- and unconventional treatment, I felt broken open. It was as if I could finally breathe, finally feel myself. 

My ribcage felt hollow, my heart felt open. I felt like I released years of repressed energy, where I was completely out of alignment with the person that I am at the core of my being. I strived to have a life following the guidelines of my family and society, but couldn’t find my place in all this.

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Repressing my psychic abilities

What I repressed most were my natural psychic abilities. I always have heard voices and seen visuals, but I completely shut it down. In many ways, my psychosis was a breakthrough: my ability to hear voices and receive visual information was intensified. While I still received professional treatment, I also began an individual trajectory with trauma therapist Marieke Dijkstra. From her I learned a lot about the roots of my challenges in life and she opened me up to the world of energy healing, channeling and spirituality. I began to study with her, where we would do healing sessions in which I would bring through intuitive information by using my psychic abilities. 

Training my intuitive muscles

The images that I received became more colorful, the voices that I heard became more kind. With the guidance of Marieke and my own background as a schooled therapist (which involved a lot of practice in observation), I learned to differentiate the different energies that I was working with. I learned how to train my muscles in intuitively receiving information through my seeing and hearing. And how to have clarity on the energy that I was connecting to – like an angel, galactic guide, ascended master, passed loved ones or also lower astral entities. 

The transformation of my healing work

In the years that followed I dove into the waters of knowledge of Lemuria, Atlantis, trance channeling, past life regression, communicating with galactic guides and I refined my ability to read, heal and direct energy. Over time I have remembered my natural healing abilities and how I can use them to help my clients. In this last year, my work has transformed into more in-depth healings, soul readings, therapeutic guidance and mentorship.

Raw energy of the earth

There is no spiritual, healing or reiki certificate on my wall. I am fueled by my experience as a schooled professional therapist and my own path that guided me from the dark to the light. I connect with the raw energy of life, of the earth. There is no other way for me. I have no method, no book of rules. This is my own authentic way.

A guide for those whose hearts are open

Through my life experience and natural abilities, I am confident in the unfolding of my ongoing journey of observing energy, refined healing and channeling spirit. I am full of joy to be a guide for those whose hearts are open, for those whose souls are calling out to be remembered in its full divine nature.


The energies that I work with

In all of that I offer I work with certain energies. My soul connects deeply to the following energies that co-create with me in my sessions and other programs: pleiadian guides, sirian guides, andromedan guides, Lemurian energies, Mongolian and Siberian shamanism guides, whale energies, faery energies and ancient Egyptian energies.

More specifically I work closely with the following guides: the Lemurian groupconsciousness Shamutamu, the earth/Gaia, the Ava archangels from Andromeda, ascended master Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Jeshua, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Green Tara, archangel Uriel, priestess Neferhetepes, the Whale Collective and the faery people the Tuatha dé Danann.

My mission

With Lemurian Waters I focus on connecting the earth energy to the higher energies that are available to us coming from higher dimensions and realms. Although spiritual, I do consider my work as very down to earth. I have always felt that there is a need to merge higher energies with earth energy, not bypass either one of these. My mission with Lemurian Waters is to guide you in the connection to yourself and to rediscover the natural healing abilities and qualities of your soul.

I look forward to co-create with you.

Much love,



Kind Words

''Maron is a very talented and kind guide. She combines ancient wisdom with hands-on therapy. It is spiritual but at the same time down to earth, easy to understand and work with. She is not afraid to together dive deep into the knowledge of your soul, and to shine a light on the parts of you that need the most attention - we all need a little tough love at times to finally take action in the areas of our lives that need it the most and will bring us closer to ourselves and the harmonious life we all want. It's very fascinating - and sometimes dreamy - at the same time, to hear about the origin of our soul(s) and - sometimes less dreamy - events that still influence us today (f.e. family lines that need healing). What I love the most is that she listens to you - and your guides, thank you guides - and works with you in a way that will benefit your whole life. It's very important to not get lost in space / spirituality but to remember you are a human being on this earth and we need guidance for this human vessel and complicated life. Maron is the perfect guide and perfect mix between ''heaven'' and earth, who will leave you the breadcrumbs and / or connects the dots that you need in order to grow and keep growing''.


''Dear Maron,
What a beautiful session we had today! I’m deeply impressed with what happens in every session. The combination of conversation, coaching, therapy, healing, reading arises in the moment and is therefore different every time. It’s so great to hear you share your knowledge and own experiences. It is of very valuable support in my process. In our sessions together there also is a clear practical translation in the here and now. A session is different every time and to me that feels like I’m really being seen and listened to. That it’s tailored to me and that it’s not a standard program. Grateful that you’ve crossed my path!''


''Maron is a unique channeler with a big heart and a powerful soul. What she offers is healing on all levels. Her divine messages read in between the lines of the force of life. If your paths have crossed with Maron, my advice for you is to first and foremost come into the field with the awareness and respect for the Divine being she is, and the Divine lightbeings that she holds space for. The rest is allowing yourself to open up your senses, tune into to the field, and allow yourself to be held by what you’ll receive. Open your eye(s), listen carefully, write down if you need. Maron holds space for the whole galaxy to unfold infront of you, for you, with you - if you’re ready to receive it. Maron, you bring in a whole state of being''.


''Maron is an incredibly selfless and intuitive healer, who makes it a point to make sure you're comfortable every step of the way. Within the safe space Maron creates, you can trust you will absolutely be comfortable enough to ask all the questions you have and receive all the counsel she has to offer you. She even has a way of answering the questions you didn't really know you had yet, or was unsure to ask.

It's hard to describe exactly what it is she offers -- guidance, healing, a way to get back in alignment... it's simultaneously all of those things and something much more transformative. Maron doesn't just open the right doors within you to shed a light on what needs to be illuminated, she also gives you the practical advice you need to actually do something with that guidance.

Crossing universes while keeping her feet firmly on the ground, Maron is someone who can help you when you just start your spiritual journey and if you've been around the block a few times. Even just one session with her can get you back on the path that is meant for you''.


''I had an amazing, eye opening session with Maron several weeks ago. When I had first asked her about her offers and which one would be the best fit for me she already started channeling energies that really resonated for me and we decided on the Venusian Healing Chamber Transmission. I really wasn’t sure to expect. What I received, in my opinion, was a sort of upgrade in embodying my light body. I received a pdf of what happened in the transmission and some of what she picked up were very specific to the healing journey I’ve been on for the past year. It was so specific and really brought a new level of healing for me in what came through. Other things were completely new but definitely resonated. I walked away feeling empowered on how to work and heal my own energy on a deeper level. As a healer myself I am fascinated by Maron and her gifts. I can definitely recommend Maron if you wish to understand your own energy deeper and dive into the well of energetic healing. I do believe each time I read the pdf I still receive a healing. Maron’s gifts are super special and unique. I highly recommend receiving from her if you are the least bit intrigued''.


''I am grateful your soul decided to come back on earth, despite the bumps on the road and the polarities this human life put us through. Thank you for sharing your own unique light to help us understand better the energies that surround us. My reading with you was a turning point in my life. I felt seen, understood and most of all, I gained so much clarity on the feelings I had lately. You helped me move old limited beliefs, you helped me move old stuck energies to finally embrace the light and feel even more and deeply supported by my guiding team. You added pure and precious knowledge from my soul, for which I am, forever grateful.

Your reading is not only pure light, it’s also love. Your reading is one of the greatest reading I had in my life (and trust me, I’ve travelled the world and been to many healers and guides but none compared to you)''.​​ Thank you for being''.​


''Maron has her own unique way of communicating and letting channelings and information flow through her. She is indeed one of the purest vessels I have come across. Her personality is warm, kind and loving always making sure you are okay and that your needs are met.

I would definitely recommend working with Maron when you have a specific question or are looking for clarity and insight on a specific subject. Maron will help you connect with you own spirit guides and pass through those pieces of information that you couldn’t quite reach or unpack yourself. Thank you Maron, until next time. With Love, Selina''.


''Maron is incredibly aligned and is able to intuitively provide certain information. She works through deeper layers of your consciousness and brings healing where this is needed and shines light to what is still in the dark. The latest healing I had with her can't be described in words. My mouth dropped open, so accurate were the insights that she provided to me. I highly recommend her''.


''The healing with Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin was next level. What started as a very soft and pure and subtle energy, transformed into an incredible divine presence. As if the clouds broke open and the light and energy of Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin projected a field of light into our system. I felt carried in the hands of infinite love. It was an intensely beautiful experience''.


''Maron is a sweet and sensitive human being who can really hold space for you. Her channelings touch the deepest parts of me. It is as if my heart breaks open and she is able to witness it. She has the ability to really see me, to really witness me. All of me. I’m so grateful for all the wisdom and information she has offered me. Maron is a real, soft and gifted woman and I highly recommend working with her''.


''I booked a private session with Maron without a super concrete question. I felt like I could use some guidance and knew Maron from a previous reading/healing. She guided me very well and during the session it became very clear what the theme was. She mirrored me well and took me through a guided meditation that helped me further. She did this in a pleasant, calm and concrete way. Thank you Maron!''


''Beautiful energy work. This truly is of a whole other level. Feeling replenished and expanded. Maron has a way of translating that feels pure and full of soul''.


''You are the healer for the healers!''


''Maron is an amazing clear vessel. The reading I did with her was so accurate. Her work is powerful, deep and full of light''.