Hello! I am Maron. I’m a Channeler, Healer and licensed Art Therapist. I’m also a human that is figuring out her path - just as you are. I feel honored to walk beside others on their journey. I think we are not in need of finding the answers from external sources. I believe in deepening the trust we have in our own inner guidance system and intuitive abilities. I feel it is part of my mission to guide others in building trust again in their own ability to receive insights and guidance from higher consciousness. We can often see this as something outside of ourselves, but my truth is that we are higher consciousness. The way I see it, we are not only part of the universe or of nature: we are nature. We only have to remember.

In remembering our true nature and trusting our intuitive abilities, we are able to connect with a sense of embodiment - we are able to hand ourselves the tools to bring higher consciousness into our bodies and ground it on earth. When we do this together, we are able to bring life to the new earth, that you’re probably well-known with. My work feels connected to the new earth energy and it is my wish to help others gain insight in what their own mission is in the new world that we are building together.

In my work, I can support you to see the beauty of who you are on a soul level. I can guide you through the maze of your inner world, so you can connect on a deeper layer with who you are. I serve not as someone who has all the answers, but as a supportive guide who can translate the language of your soul while deeply respecting the wisdom you already have within. Sometimes you just need a guiding hand to fill in the blanks, walk you through the maze or open a door for you. I invite you to see your willingness in listening to the language your soul has to speak - you yourself are its best listener and translator.

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Work process

The process of receiving and transmitting energy can not be put in words easily. I can only speak from my own perspective and experience. Channeling energy asks me to step into my own Highest Light at all times when I'm working with someone. For providing you with high quality guidance that hopefully reveals many of your inner treasures, spending time in silence is essential to me. 

When I let different energies flow through me and eventually speak through me, your subconscious will journey with me through the deeper layers of your soul. You can see this as a journey through the landscapes of all the energies within you. Unprocessed emotions, experiences and traumas can then come to light.

I mostly feel like a seeress, oracle or healer that can guide you to the healing and clarity you need most. I can hold a mirror up for you, in which you can see more of who you really are.

Depending on the offering of your choosing, I will either provide you with a detailed PDF-report of the session or a recording of the session. There is no digital contact involved. A report or recording are send to you by e-mail within no later than 7 working days after the session has taken place. We always plan a date and time for the session to take place at a moment that suits you best.

At the moment, I only give one-on-one private sessions on request. Overtime, I will be releasing a few spots for private sessions once in while. The reason why I mostly provide distance sessions and almost completely stopped with private sessions, is because private sessions ask a lot of my sensitive nature when I'm face-to-face connecting with the energy of another. I feel the need to protect my own energy and therefore private sessions are only possible with me by request. When I'm working on distance with your energy for the offering of your choosing, I tend to feel far less drained afterwards. It is also due to my own ascension process, that I need to be aware of my energetic health. 

To paint a picture: for most sessions the channeling of energy starts hours before the appointment time. It asks my complete dedication to offer you a session that brings you the healing and clarity that you are in need of. After the session, it can take me up to three days of resting to completely feel myself again.

When you have received the PDF-report or recording, you can always e-mail me your questions and I will answer them for you with great pleasure.

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