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Grounding into higher consciousness

embodied ascension

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Remember who you are at the core of your being


K I N D  W O R D S

from Sophie Jongejan from The Place

I am grateful your soul decided to come back on earth, despite the bumps on the roads and the polarities this human life put us through. Thank you for sharing your own unique light to help us understand better the energies that surround us.

My reading with you was a turning point in my life.

I felt seen, understood and most of all, I gained so much clarity on the feelings I had lately. You helped me moved old limited beliefs, you helped me moved old stuck energies to finally embrace the light and feel even more and deeply supported by my guiding team. You added pure and precious knowledge from my soul, for which I am, forever grateful.

Your reading is not only pure light, it’s also love.

Your reading is one of the greatest reading I had in my life (and trust me, I’ve travelled the world and been to many healers and guides but none compared to you).

Thank you.

For being.


The Healing Chamber
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‘healing chamber’: a precious gift of the universe for all of us. 

a ‘chamber’ of light in another dimension in which 

a soul is invited to release, refresh and recharge.

The Healing Chamber membership provides you with 

an intimate space to deepen your ascension process.


I am inviting you to find a higher understanding of your transformative path through life and especially: your personal ascension process. 

You might feel overwhelmed with all the transformative shifts and changes that you are going through. You feel like you need a context in which you can place your own ascension experience, including the many ascension symptoms.

You long for guidance that travels with you through the deeper layers of your consciousness. You want to go beyond the surface. You are ready to dive deep. 

The Healing Chamber membership is a space to deepen, soften and expand.

Will you be joining us in February 2021?


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